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These reproduced books by Keith Woods are being sold in aid of the football club.

The original, "Woolverstone United - The Halcyon Years 1921-1970" book  was produced by Keith Wood in the late 70's and is full of local history, local names and tells the story of the beginning of the club. He documents most years in that period and has stories of matches between the local rivals, Shotley Swifts, Stutton Victory, Tattingstone, Brantham Lads, East Bergholt, Rayden, Burstall. It also  includes cup games in the local East Samford Charity Cup. The local players names and their playing skills are mentioned and also names such as Warrington Page, Paul Double, Kit Thompson, Austin King, Bill Smith, Ted Wright, Jimmy Scott, Dick Crack, Admiral Lynne, Major Spier, W, Mayhew, Commander Smithwick, Kenneth Fisk, Alf Martin, George Crack, Cecil Crack, Harry Amy,Cecil Crapnell, Ernie Burroughs, Captain Dixon....... and that's just chapter one !  (180 pages). See a more complete list of local names mentioned in the first book at the bottom of this page.

The second book by Keith is entitled

Woolverstone United F.C  " Two, Two, The Lily White Boys."  This book follows on from his previous book and was first published in April 1991, and contains more facts and figures and probably a lot of names that you will know ! It tells the story of the war years, where "war stopped play", the German raiders, the doodlebug that hit Chelmondiston Church and Keith's dog Mac which kept up a solid howl several minutes before the air raid siren went off ! There's mention of Mr Weatherhead who kept the Post Office in Chelmondiston, Mr Last who had the Bakers Shop at the top of Pin Mill Lane, Mr Amy at the General Stores, Mr Goodwin  the butcher, Mr Cadman the shoe repair shop, Mr Webb the undertaker, Mr Steward repaired bicycles, Mr Cotton at Walnut Tree Farm provided Milk, Mr Bax the postman and Ted Aggis the milkman. The end of the book has facts and figures about Woolverstone United Football Teams and there are a number of cartoons and photographs for every decade.

Did you know for instance that Jack Messenger played for Woolverstone, Ipswich Town and Colchester !  Or Frank Messenger (another Woolverstone lad) played for Ipswich Town along with David Deacon. (123 pages)

These books will make an ideal Christmas present for those who love local history and for those who played in the teams or are related to team members.

The books have now been reproduced and can be purchased in aid of club funds. (100% of the book cost is going to Woolverstone United funds after printing costs deducted). They are available from this website (use shop link below) or from

Craig Catchpole, tel. 07743958737  OR

"Local pickup" and "Cash On Pickup" or "delivery" can be chosen at "Checkout", and payment made by Bank Transfer or PayPal (we would prefer bank transfer or Cash On Delivery to avoid PayPal selling payments to maximize profit to the club)

Single book £11, both books for £20

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C Abbott
Phil Abbott
Ben Adams
Oscar Adams
Ray Aldous
Doug Algar
Harry Amy
Colin Appleby
Eddie Ardern
Michael Ardern
Roy Bailey
Frank Baker
Ralph Banyard
Ray Barham
Bill Barker
Dan Barnard
Fred Bear
John Bell
Victor Bellingham
Geoffrey Berners
Major Berners
Ed Berrett
Bob Berriman
Len Biddlecombe
Mick Billett
Gordon Blaxcell
Stanley Blaxcell
A.T. Boocock
Ed Borrett
Eric Bowman
Mick Bragg
Jimmy Braybrook
George Bromley
S Bromley
Alan Bultitude
Ernie Burroughs
Peter Button
Arthur Cable
R Carnell
Mick Catchpole
Mr Catchpole
David Catling
Peter Catling
Gordon Chaplin
Sir Arthur Chapman
Don Chapman
Sir Arthur Churchman
Jack Clarke
Trevor Collins
Alf Collinson
Brian Cook
Tommy Cotterell
Charlie Coulson
Brian Crack
Cecil Crack
Dick Crack
George Crack
Ted Crack
Paul (Digger) Crane
Cecil Crapnell
L Creasey
Roger Crick
Mr Cripps
Stan Crookes
Bernard Crosby
Ray Crosby
Stan Croucher
Norman Crowe
Herman Cullum
Maurice Cullum
Ronnie Cullum
David Cunningham
Brian Daines
Peter Davey
Edgar Davis
Keith Davison
David Deacon
Roy Denison
Captain Dixon
Anthony Double
Paul Double
Douglas Driver
John Dunn
Ken Eason
John Easdown
Ivan English
J Evans
Tony Everitt
Bill Everitt
Geoff Farrow
Eric Farthing
Mick Ferdinando
Kenny Field
Kenneth Fisk
Roger Flatt
Basil Gant
Wally Gardiner
Bill Garnham
Mr Garrod
Jack Garrod
Bill Garwood
Fred Gibbon
Mr Gibbons
David Gibson
David Girling
Roy Glading
M Godfrey
Fred Gooch
Philip Gooch
Bill Goodchild
Ray Gooderham
Ted Gooderham
Michael Goodwin
Russell Goodwin
Fred Gould
Stephen Graves
Trevor Graves
Ken Green
Norman Green
Jim Grimwood
Mr Haines
Ken Halliwell
Tommy Harrington
Brian Hart
Eddie Harvey
Arthur Harvey
Erwin Hass
Alan Haste
Bert Haste
Charlie Haste
Ian Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
John Hawkins
David Hazelwood
Eddie Hazelwood
John Hazelwood
Vic Hill
Mick Holland
Jack Hunt
W Ingram
Tommy Jackson
Vic Jaggers
Cecil Jarrett
Taffy James
Eric Jay
Conway Jennings
Francis Kennell
Austin King
Bobby King
Elvin King
Godfrey King
R King
Roy Kirby
C Lambert
Frannie Last
Terry Last
Trevor Last
Jim Laverick
Ted Laws
Morton Lewis
David Lloyd
Alfie Lucas
Paul Lusher
Pat Lynch
Peter Lynch
Rear Admiral Thomas John Spence Lyne
Walter Mann
Fred Manning
Adrian Marshall
Alf Martin
Bill Martin
Freddie Martin
Brian Mayes
Dick Mayes
Richard Mayes
W Mayhew
Alan Mayhew
John McNally
R Meekings
Bill Messenger
Frank Messenger
Jack Messenger
Richard Miles
Bruce Miller
G Mitchell
Fred Moorman
George Mountford
Redvers Moyse
Leonard Mudd
Cyril Newman
Jimmy Page
Warrington Page
Jim Parsons
Stuart Paul
Jack Peck
Ron Peck
Arthur Pells
Phil Perris
Herbert Podd
Herbert Porley
John Portsmouth
George Punt
John Punter
Mr Quantrill
Philip Quantrill
Graham Quinton
Tom Raison
George Rands
Harold Rands
Ian Rands
Robert Rands
Neville Rayment
Herbert Read
Pat Read
Phil Read
Barney Reed
Brian Rideout
Gordon Roberts
A Ross
George Rozier
Brian Rudland
Ian Rumbellow
Alf Rush
Bill Rush
Joe Rush
Ted Rush
Bob Sadler
Fred Saunders
J Scarff
George Scopes
Bill Scott
Giffy Scott
Jim (junior) Scott
Jimmy Scott
Phil Scott
Gordon Scuffins
Dennis Scutcher
Maurice Scutcher
John Seaman
Bernard Sharman
Brian Shelvin
Mike Shelvin
John Shepphard
Keith Shoebridge
Keith Sibley
David Sillett
Roy Simpson
Alan Smith
Bill Smith
Brian (singer) Smith
Neville Smith
Peter Smith
Commander Smithwick
Peter Smyth
Harley Snell
Jack Snell
Mark Snell
R Snell
Reggie Snook
Derek Snowling
Frank Soo
(Don) Joe Southgate
David Springate
Major Spier
Cecil Squirrel
Keith Staff
Les Stebbings
Chris Stevens
Godfrey Stevens
R Steward
Harry Storer
Peter Sturgeon
G A Tarbard
John Thompson
Kit Thompson
Jack Thurgood
Jack Tibbenham
Rex Tibble
E Turner
Rev Utten-Todd
Mr Valentine
Barry Vernau
Bobby Warren
Graham Webb
Jim Webb
Ted Weeding
Rodney Welham
Vic Welham
Ray Wilkins
Alan Wood
Keith Wood
Roger Wood
Derek Woods
Fred Wormald
Len Wormald
Archie Wright
Jack Wright
Jimmy Wright
Phil Wright
Roger Wright
Ted Wright
Herbert Yorke